Copyright © 2012 Tera Microelectronics Ltd. Expertise and agility   Tera Microelectronics is a fabless IC design company incorporated in 2012. It is a privately funded venture owned by its employees targeting breakthrough performance improvements in high-end electronics markets through use of its multi-phase traveling wave oscillator technologies such as Trigger-Mode Distributed Wave Oscillators (TMDWO), Force-Mode Distributed Wave Oscillators (FMDWO) and Pumped Distributed Wave Oscillators (PDWO). The additional design expertise cover many applications of such techniques, ranging from THz Imaging Systems and Phased-Array Microwave Transceiver Front-Ends to High-Speed Serial Communication Links and High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters. Tera Microelectronics complements its high-speed RF/Microwave expertise with precision Analog/Mixed-Signal technologies such as low- cost CMOS image sensors, high-end audio codecs and power management chipsets. power of phases...  We provide accurate, reliable, and ultra high speed timing solutions...  NEWS UPDATE Tera Microelectronics open its door in Technopark  of Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, supporting the development of high speed converter, image sensors and communication products.