Copyright © 2012 Tera Microelectronics Ltd. power of phases...  We provide accurate, reliable, and ultra high speed timing solutions...  Tera Microelectronics Ltd. developed several multi-phase traveling wave oscillator arts such as Trigger-Mode Distributed Wave Oscillators (TMDWO), Force-Mode Distributed Wave Oscillators (FMDWO) and Pumped Distributed Wave Oscillators (PDWO). The TMDWO, FMDWO and PDWO technologies are unique transmission-line based multi-phase oscillator techniques that can provide very finely spaced (sub-ps) oscillation phases by taping the corresponding points along the oscillating lines. The even-symmetry feature of the techniques enhances the phase accuracy in order of magnitudes relative to other transmission-line based traveling and standing wave oscillators. The classical transmission-line based wave oscillators suffer from the asymmetry introduced by the uneven load termination or odd number of crossings along the oscillating loop. These nonidealities result in severe amplitude and phase variations along the tap points which limit the accuracy and phase resolution. The novel traveling-wave arts of Tera Microelectronics limit these disturbances to only process variations by introducing an evenly-symmetric dual-line oscillator topologies. Some of the unique applications of such high-frequency multi-phase precision signal sources in the GHz up to THz frequency ranges are THz Imaging Systems, Phased-Array Transceiver Front-Ends, High-Speed ADCs, Optical and Backplane Serial Communication Links.